Many of our worker’s comp clients come to us after having first tried to navigate the worker’s compensation system on their own. Their employer assured them that it was a simple process, but when they actually began to try to file their claim, they found out otherwise. Even when an offer was made, it seemed unfair.

Usually, The Kitch Law Firm can help rectify this, but it’s always better to start by having an attorney before you begin the filing process, as there are some mistakes that are difficult to reverse, and could result in the loss of benefits.

Worker’s compensation is intended to give employees a simple, no-fault approach to receiving compensation for injuries on the job. Unfortunately, many employers (and their insurance companies) don’t have the best interest of their workers in mind. Call us today at 303.670.3923.

Worker’s Compensation Isn’t as Clear-Cut as You Think

The worker’s compensation process is supposed to be straightforward, but it can be anything but. that.  It’s not one “law,” but a system of interconnecting statutes and Rules, which define what must be filed, when it needs to be filed, and what documentation is required to prove your claim. Missing a deadline can derail (or even end) the entire process.

Marsha A. Kitch, Esq. is an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer—one that can ensure each complex stage of the process is completed on time and correctly, maximizing your chance to receive fair compensation.

Do You Know What You’re Entitled To?

Many workers suffer under the misconception that they need to prove their employer was negligent in order to receive compensation. Not true! While this is the case when it comes to most civil suits, workers’ compensation covers a much wider range of injury types and situations.

Because many employees don’t know what they’re entitled to, insurance companies will be reluctant to pay out the full amount. An attorney can examine your claim and figure out what you’re entitled to because they are looking out for your interests —not your employer’s.

You have a limited amount of time to claim compensation for your injuries, and your employer and their insurance company know this. They will pressure you to sign off on your compensation as quickly as possible—but are they really going to give you everything you’re entitled to? That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced Colorado worker’s compensation attorney at your side. Call 303.670.3923.

The Process Doesn’t Always Go Smoothly

Even the most clear-cut cases sometimes encounter a few gray areas. Particularly stubborn insurance companies may have their own lawyers looking for loopholes. When this happens, you need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney like Marsha A. Kitch, Esq. on your side.

While the law is supposed to protect workers, employers and their attorneys are more interested in protecting the company. You need your own advocate— Marsha Kitch has four (4)  decades of worker’s compensation experience. Set up a consultation by calling 303.670.3923 today.