Many employers and employees are unaware of the broad scope of injuries and conditions that workers’ compensation can cover. This brief overview will highlight some of the injuries that can be covered by worker’s compensation.   And employers who are reading this—take note: It’s important to do what you can to ensure that your employees are protected against conditions which cause these injuries.

Some of our clients were under the impression that workers’ compensation only applied to certain injuries or injuries that were particularly severe. In fact, worker’s compensation covers almost all types of injuries suffered on the job. Call The Kitch Law Firm, P.C. at 303.670.3923 today to contact a  Colorado Workers’ compensation attorney.

Trips, Slips, Falls

These are perhaps some of the most common because they involve hazards we often overlook: A wet floor, an errant extension cord, a tool left on a staircase. Always remove (or label) these hazards when possible.

Strained Muscles

In jobs that require lifting or other uses of physical strength, muscle strains are common. Employers should educate employees on proper lifting techniques and provide them with appropriate equipment.

Harmed by Falling Objects

A poorly secured shelf, or a system that requires leaving unsecured items in high places, can lead to injuries from falling objects. These injuries may be as minor as a scrape or as serious as a concussion. They can even be fatal.

Repetitive Strain

Even if one’s job doesn’t require a great deal of physical strength, it can result in strain-related injuries, such as repetitive-use strain. Poor posture, non-ergonomic equipment, and extremely repetitive tasks can lead to this injury.

If you’ve been injured at work or developed a condition relating to your work, you need a lawyer now.  The Kitch Law Firm has both an Evergreen and mountain-based office and has four (4)  decades of experience in workers’ Compensation Law. Call today at 303.670.3923 to find out how Marsha A. Kitch, Esq. can help you get the worker’s compensation benefits you deserve.


Crash and impact injuries plague the population as a whole, and that’s no less true when it comes to the workplace. When cars, trucks, or heavy equipment collide, the consequences can be grave.  Collisions that occur driving while on the job are covered by Workers’ Compensation.

Lacerations (Cuts)

Often, the tools we use for our jobs have the potential to harm us. Employers must properly train employees to use the equipment and provide adequate safety equipment.

Exposure to Toxic Substances

Fumes, powders, liquids, and fibers that can lead to adverse reactions are a part of many jobs. Employers must inform employees of the risks and provide them with the right clothing, gear, and equipment to minimize exposure.

The Kitch Law Firm has specialized in worker’s compensation cases for four (4) decades—and we advocate for injured workers as well as defend employers and insurers. As a result of this fact,  this firm knows the ins and outs of worker’s compensation law.  We will advocate for you, aggressively, and sincerely. Call us at 303.670.3923.