Message To Employers/Insurers

The Kitch Law Firm holds a unique position due to its attorney’s experience in handling of Colorado Workers’ Compensation Claims in this highly “penalty exposure” claim environment.

It is a known fact that Colorado is not a friendly state to workers’ compensation insurers, and that it has enacted laws designed to punish such insurers. Specifically, Section 8 43-304, C.R.S., sets forth penalties for an adjusters’ failure to comply with either the rules or statutes. When violations are found, penalties may be assessed at a maximum rate of $1,000 per day, for each day wherein a violation is found. In Colorado, the Director of the Division of Workers’ Compensation is also empowered to initiate actions against insurers for violations, and regularly issues Show Cause Orders to insurers in an effort to collect penalties for the State.

   In this regard, our firm’s clients’ benefit from Ms. Kitch’s 33 years of experience in negotiating with both the Division and with the opposing counsel, who may be pursuing penalties on behalf of his/her client.   Ms. Kitch has forged excellent working relationships with many members of the claimant’s bar, due to the mutual respect created from thirty-three (33) years of defending these claims; and as such, can secure negotiated settlements at the most reasonable cost to the insurer on many of these high exposure penalty claims.  Further, through Ms. Kitch’s experience she has a proven track record for resolving many workers’ compensation claims in an expeditious fashion at a reasonable cost to the insurer. 

Our Firm Philosophy

The philosophy of The Kitch Law Firm, P.C., has always been to quickly analyze its client’s claims and:

  • Settle those claims with minimal chance of success at trial, for the most optimum settlement value.
  • Proceed to trial with those claims with a high probability of success;
  • Proceed to trial with claims in which its clients have a strong desire to litigate;
  • Proceed to trial when no other option is available.

Once it is determined that trial is imminent, due to the above philosophy, and the advanced skill of our attorneys, our firm delivers an extremely high trial success rate.

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