The advantages of using the Kitch law firm are:

  • The benefits of 33-years-experience and legal knowledge in this specialized area of law
  • 33 years of established relationships with attorneys on both sides of the law
  • A thorough knowledge of the Judge’s individual likes and dislikes and legal leanings
  • Individualized professional and responsive service
  • No file churning for such things as the filing of unnecessary pleadings or attendance at pre-trial matters where such is not required
  • No annual/monthly/weekly minimum billable requirements

You will find the Kitch Law Firm is a well experienced, professionally staffed firm, capable of handling all workers compensation issues on both sides of the law.

Colorado Workers Compensation Law is more complex now than ever in its history

As such, and in order to ensure our attorney’s remain informed and abreast of all changes in the statutes, The Division’s Rules of Procedure, The OAC’s Rules of Procedure and recent ever changing case law, Ms. Kitch created an inter-firm ICAP case law monthly review group. This group was formed approximately 15 years ago, and is comprised of many experienced attorneys from multiple Workers’ Compensation firms along with in-house attorneys. Our group meets once a month to discuss and analyze all of the new ICAP, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court decisions. A benefit of this meeting is the production of an outline of all of important decisions that the group discusses, which effect workers and employers/insurer alike. This outline is then shared with all of our clients on a quarterly basis.

Ms. Kitch has lectured on many occasions on various areas of workers’ compensation law and has authored numerous publications addressing many areas within workers’ compensation law. In addition, Ms. Kitch has served on the Interprofessional committee of the Colorado Bar Association and has been co-chairperson of the workers’ compensation section of the Colorado Defense Lawyers Association. Our attorneys hold memberships in the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Specialty sub-section.

Expert Witnesses are a dwindling commodity

Colorado has drastically reduced expert witness fees in workers’ compensation matters resulting in many physicians being unwilling to assist in the defense of such claims. As an example, there is presently only one level II Accredited neurosurgeon in Colorado to assist in complex medical-legal issues. Further, Toxicologists and Infectious Disease specialists are extremely difficult to find to provide such assistance, unless your attorney has already forged these relationships and has knowledge of these specialists to assist in claims. Many attorneys in Colorado handling workers’ compensation claims, have not developed a cadre of willing expert witnesses, and are not in a position to adequately represent their clients.

The Kitch Law Firm, P.C., with its 33 years handling workers’ compensation claims has developed lengthy and strong relationships with numerousand necessary experts. This factor has been of substantial value in securing reasonable settlements in difficult and complex claims, as well as securing favorable outcomes at trial for this firm’s clients.