37 Years of Experience

The Kitch Law Firm, P.C., recently celebrated its twenty-fourth (24) year anniversary as a boutique law firm specializing in workers’ compensation. The firm offers thirty-seven (37) years of experience in the specialized area of workers’ compensation claims. Ms. Kitch is committed to the ethical, professional, and aggressive representation of her clients.

About Us

The advantages of using the Kitch law firm are:

  • The benefits of 37-years experience and legal knowledge in this specialized area of law
  • 37-years of established relationships with attorneys on both sides of the law
  • Thorough knowledge of the Judge’s individual likes and dislikes and legal leanings
  • Individualized professional and responsive service
  • No file churning for such things as the filing of unnecessary pleadings or attendance at pre-trial matters where such is not required
  • No annual/monthly/weekly minimum billable requirements

You will find the Kitch Law Firm is a well-experienced, professionally staffed firm, capable of handling all workers’ compensation issues on both sides of the law.

Our Firm Philosophy

The philosophy of The Kitch Law Firm, P.C., has always been to quickly analyze its client’s claims and:

  • Settle those claims with minimal chance of success at trial, for the most optimum settlement value.
  • Proceed to trial with those claims with a high probability of success;
  • Proceed to trial with claims in which its clients have a strong desire to litigate;
  • Proceed to trial when no other option is available.

Once it is determined that trial is imminent, due to the above philosophy, and the advanced skill of our attorneys, our firm delivers an extremely high trial success rate.

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